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Shine 5 Productions – Sales Rep

Intellectual Property Resources

10 Things To Know About Intellectual Property
Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Trademark Search


Media Resources

Interview with Odette alumna Emily Huggard, Lecturer, London College of Fashion

EPIC How To Guides

EPICentre 5 step Idea Validation Process
EPICentre – Patents 101

Entrepreneur Support Network (ESN – Infographic)

Entrepreneur Support Network Infographic

Windsor-Essex Small Business Centre

Guides For Starting A Business

Founders Canada

Founders Canada is an online community of founders, entrepreneurs, students and professionals looking to connect, build and sell:


WEtech Alliance Social Innovation Toolkit

This first-of-its-kind toolkit will provide information for non-profits and entrepreneurs wanting to create innovative new products, services or approaches that address social challenges.

Access the toolkit here: http://www.wetech-alliance.com/SocInn/


Fundica is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and intuitive funding tool for entrepreneurs.