About Us

What is EPICentre?

EPICentre serves as the hub for all entrepreneurial activity on the University of Windsor campus. From extra-curricular activities to workshop series, students from all disciplines have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship. We also provide mentorship, co-working space and access to funding to students and recent graduates interested to start and grow their businesses.


EPICentre was launched in 2014 as a university-wide campus-linked accelerator with a significant grant from the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment and the University of Windsor’s investment in the state-of-the-art innovation space on the 2nd floor of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre. EPICentre was a collaborative project between the Office of Research and Innovation Services and Odette School of Business to expand the previous entrepreneurship initiative from the Odette School of Business, Centre for Enterprise and Law to the entire campus. The initiative was led by Dr Francine Schlosser (Professor at the Odette School of Business), Heather Pratt (Executive Director, Office of Research and Innovation Services), Nicole Anderson (formerly Learning Specialist, Odette School of Business) and Wen Teoh (formerly Research and Commercialization Associate, Office of Research and Innovation Services) who subsequently became the founding team of EPICentre.

EPICentre Vision

To support the transformation of people into entrepreneurial thinkers, and innovative ideas into successful economic and social enterprises through training, mentorship and networking

EPICentre Mission

  1. To provide experiential entrepreneurial learning opportunities that enhance University of Windsor’s mission regarding education and research.
  2. To provide skills, tools, and network to entrepreneurs and professionals to launch and grow economic and social initiatives.

Who Do We Serve?


  • Students and alumni interested in learning more about entrepreneurship can participate in workshops, networking events and competitions. We also offer mentorship, workshops and funding opportunity to students or recent graduates from any post-secondary institution interested to start their own businesses through our various venture programs.


  • Entrepreneurs, whether they are affiliated with the University of Windsor or not, have access to certain venture programs and workshops to help them grow their businesses.


  • EPICentre can offer guest lectures and presentations on entrepreneurship to any class. Our makerspace, the EPIC Makers’ Base can also assist with student projects by providing 3D printing services or other equipment and tools available in our space. Monthly Faculty Lunch n’ Learn offers a platform for faculty members to connect with their colleagues on topics related to entrepreneurship and commercialization.


  • Community members are welcome to participate in workshops, networking events and certain competitions.