EPIC VentureWomen Program – Information Webinar

Now more than ever, we need tenacious business models that support our evolving landscape of modern challenges. The EPIC VentureWomen Program allows women led startups and women co-founders with innovative

Learn how to create PCB with EasyEDA

Have you ever opened an electronic device and asked yourself what the green board(PCB) actually does? Find out in this workshop where you will learn all about the Printed Circuit

EPIC Female Lead

With the launch of our second cohort of the EPIC VentureWomen program, the EPICentre team in collaboration with RISE Windsor-Essex, is excited to feature some of the EPIC Female Entrepreneurs within the

Your Money. Your Business.

Key focus: The relationship between personal finances and business. You will learn: 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances Productive Money – ensuring every dollar is actively working for you Budgeting for