Who frequents EPICentre and how they are?

Do you want to know more about who makes the EPICentre? Who is walking and what they are doing? I will talk specifically about it here.

I am a Brazilian student from Federal University of São Paulo and I have been working in EPICentre as a Research Assistant since June 11th. During this time, I worked with various people that have different relationships with EPICentre.

I worked with consulting students enrolled in Dr. Francine Schlosser’s class, where we provided consulting services for local business and different types of local entrepreneurship stakeholders. The consulting team was composed of four business students from the University of Windsor, Anna Costa and me. Anna and I came to Windsor through Mitacs programs that provide grants for international students to work on research projects in Canada, improving their skills during this time. It was really good to work with them. The students were open to help us and we did a good job together.

I also had contact with the startup founders who were working at EPICentre during the RBC EPIC Founders Program. This is an intensive 12-week summer accelerator program for students and recent graduates aspiring to launch a business. Participants receive a stipend of $6,000 per venture team to test out their entrepreneurial dreams. I also attended the workshops and events that were created for this program. It was a good experience for me and I learned a lot about their different types of projects. I also helped one of them at the MVP validation process. They were always open to talk about their projects or for a casual conversation. I am sure that I learned a lot with them and that I made friends for my whole life.

The EPICentre has a program called EPIC Discovery that aims to assist students and recent alumni who need help answering the initial questions before starting any business. I always see new people here having chats with EPICentre about how to start their business. It was interesting for me to see that EPICentre has great staff who can prospect new entrepreneurs and help them.

I also saw that EPICentre has some people that work here in their space every day. These people normally are participating at EPICentre’s Incubation Program, which is a membership program for student and alumni startups, and industry partners. This program provides startups with support and resources to grow their ventures. I also had contact with them, normally having lunch together or having casual chats.

This photo profiles the final pitch competition of the RBC EPIC Founders Program. It was incredible for me to learn how the EPICentre has several ways to work through entrepreneurship. For me, it is clear that the EPICentre has a general work as an entrepreneurship stakeholder in the Windsor entrepreneurship ecosystem. EPICentre can help people in different ways using entrepreneurship:
● Engage people that do not know what ‘entrepreneurship’ is and teach them about this career path;
● Discover people in Windsor that know what entrepreneurship is (not necessary) and wish to run their own business. EPICentre can help them with it;
● Support with money, structure resources, mentors, coach and everything that is needed to have success in a new business
● Help local startups that are already running with the growing process

In a nutshell, I have come to see that EPICentre works with different types of people and organizations, in different ways, some being entrepreneurs, and others, businesses/institutions.

EPICentre is not only an incubator, or an accelerator, we are something more – we help people in different entrepreneurship stages. No matter if you do not know anything about entrepreneurship or if you know everything and already are running your business – EPICentre can help you!