Student success stories: Thuy Doan

My name is Thuy Doan and I graduated from the Odette School of Business in June 2014. While I was at Odette, I took the consulting course twice: first, with Professor Jim Marsh, and second, with Dr. Francine Schlosser. It was a great experience and I believe it contributed to me landing my full-time job. I learned how to be effective in getting a client to tell me everything they wanted from the project and it had been ingrained in me by my professors to deliver – no matter what. The great thing about these courses is that your work actually gets used by someone whose needs are very real and it’s an absolute pleasure to have your work be life-changing. This was just one of the many Odette experiences that led to the start of my marketing career; you can take a gander at my LinkedIn for the rest! Right now I’m working for an advertising agency in Windsor called Generator Design. Whatever your promotional need – design, print, web, multimedia, social media – is no problem at all for us. I manage the online brands of businesses and not-for-profits on their social media platforms. So far, I love it here. I’m developing many skills: copywriting, social media marketing, research and analysis, brand management, campaign generation etc.  I love being in a creative environment day. It keeps me passionate and fresh.