STEM students encouraged to apply for exciting entrepreneurial fellowship

The Ontario Centres of Excellence and Venture for Canada are working together to raise awareness of Venture for Canada’s entrepreneurial fellowship, specifically amongst students within STEM faculties across the province. With OCE support, Venture for Canada is creating an OCE – Venture for Canada Fellowship stream for STEM students interested in pursuing entrepreneurism as a career and working for top Ontario startups. Venture for Canada Fellows spend two years working at one of Ontario’s top growing startups, with current Fellows in placements at Vidyard, eSight, and Nymi. Fellows receive competitive compensation from their employers in addition to five weeks of training at Queen’s University, and ongoing mentorship and support for the duration of the Fellowship. They gain the experience, training, and network to successfully launch their own firms. Young entrepreneurial Canadians can submit their application online. The first deadline is September 25, 2015. The second deadline is October 25, 2015. The third deadline is February 28, 2016. Visit OCE’s website for more information regarding this newly announced opportunity.