Speechless…. Thank you so much Canada!

By: Anna Bento Costa
I arrived in Windsor four months ago and now I have only four days left in Canada, how crazy is that? I still can not believe how time passed this fast….. But now, looking back, I am really grateful for all the things I learned here and I wouldn’t change a thing in this experience! (Only wish for more time haha)
June and July were my last months in Canada, and I did so much in so little time. In June my friend from Brazil (in the same program as me) finally arrived in Canada. I picked him up from the airport and showed him around. It was nice to see a friendly face and it was good for him too to have someone giving him tips on all the good places to go. I wish someone did that for me too.
I cannot complain, it is even kind of funny how lucky I was to meet all the extremely nice and good people I met. I was not expecting it at all, I thought I would be all alone and sad. Instead, I made some very good friends, people that I hope I will carry forever in my heart. They helped me a lot in my first weeks when I was lost and even after, they were amazing.
I was also able to travel around Canada, in July. I spent ten days travelling in this stunning country. I went to Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls. Each province had its peculiarities and its own language, however, the feeling of proudness of the culture and history were always present – It was fascinating!
Although I travelled a lot in July, it was also an insanely busy month. I had so much going on in my Academic/Work-life, which was good, I like when exciting things happen. I had the final presentation for the clients in Dr Francine Schlosser’s class in which I was participating in, the final pitch presentation of the RBC EPIC Founders Program that I had been following since it started and had to finish my case study (the main reason I came to Canada). Therefore, it required a lot of preparation and effort to finish everything on time and take some time off.
So, now my journey is over and the only thing I can do is be grateful for everything that happened and for everyone who crossed my path. I learned a lot in my time here, with people, with the situations I was involved in and with my work. I might say that the personal and professional growth I had here was the best accomplishments in the trip. I am a new person with a new perspective. I owe so much to so many people… for that I say thank you so much for everything and thank you Canada for welcoming me, I will miss you so much!