We are excited to announce the start of our 2018 RBC Summer Founders Program. We are working with very innovative businesses and entrepreneurs coming from various faculties from the University of Windsor including engineering, computer science, nursing, biology, and business. The program will feature 9 new startups comprised of 16 entrepreneurs, who will be working with our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Maureen Lucas and Dave Kirby over 12 weeks. A showcase of their prototypes will be featured during a pitch Day on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at EPICentre.   Meet the 2018 RBC Summer Founders Second Breath
  • Abrahim Abduelmula, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Loyan Hassen, Bachelor of Biological (Honours)
  • Abdullahi Jama, Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Electrical Engineering
  • Ahmad Kashash, Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Electrical Engineering
  • Jonathan Binder, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Selina Gabriele, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Nigel Christian, Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Mechanical Engineering
  • Zain Shaikh, Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Industrial Engineering
My Clinic Times
  • Youshaa El-Abed, Bachelors of Biological Science (Honours)
Greener Bins Composting
  • Dane Fader, Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Savi Made
  • Lincoln Savi, Masters of Biological Sciences Candidate
  • Oscar, Bachelor of Applied Science – Industrial Engineering
  • Emmanuel Igodan, Bachelor of Commerce – International Business
The Good Exchange 
  • Ben Scholl, Masters of Communication and Social Justice
  • Ian Stretcher, Bachelor of Commerce & Economics (Honours)
  • Bruna Gjini, Bachelor of Commerce & Economics (Honours)