Pursuing My Dream of Improving My English and Learning About Entrepreneurship in Canada

I always had a dream of travelling, bettering my English and transforming myself as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to come to Windsor, Ontario to pursue this dream. I have been here for a little over 2 months, and I have a few more months ahead.
I am not just fulfilling my dream of living in another country, I am also realizing the dream of developing myself as an entrepreneur, having contact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and working at the University of Windsor EPICentre. 
I had the opportunity to come to Windsor because my teacher Marcia Carvalho, spent time here and shared the opportunity for two students from my University (Unifesp) to come to Windsor to work at the EPICentre.
I showed my interest, handed in my resume, shared my experiences with entrepreneurship and got this amazing opportunity. I was very well received here by all. The people in the EPICentre are amazing and the people in Windsor are very open to different countries and cultures.
I have been participating in different projects related to entrepreneurship, which is a great opportunity to practice my English and develop myself as a future entrepreneur. I participated in three consulting projects: one for a composting startup GreenerBins, another for the Windsor angel investor network WECAN, and one for Windsor University Student Alliance UWSA.
The startup project was awesome, I met founder Dane, a great person who was super excited about our work and recommendations. In the angel network project, I studied more about how the investor ecosystem works in Canada and it will surely be very valuable knowledge for my future. At the last UWSA project, I had the opportunity to learn how students get organized politically to help each other in Universities across Ontario, needless to say, how valuable this will be to me.
Now I am finalizing a project where I am analyzing world-wide University-linked incubator ecosystem’s, to give EPICentre recommendations based on best practices and the local economic context.

Want to know what I’ve been doing for fun? I went to some volleyball games with my friend Anna Paula who came with me from Brazil, I didn’t play because I don’t know how but I watched the games and tried local beers. I went to local bars and tried several different restaurants. I walked the riverside, which is a great place to relax. One of the best things I did was I rode a bike with a huge group of cyclists, took a city tour and went to various events on the day.
I am experiencing wonderful moments here, I’m learning and getting to know myself more as a person. I’m developing my English and my knowledge of entrepreneurship. I will write more about my experiences. So if you want to know more about it, follow the EPICentre blog. To learn more about the student scholarship program I got click here.