Opportunity alert: Ambassador for KahootsHQ.com

Ambassador Posting KahootsHQ.com is expanding and is looking for a handful of ambassadors! KahootsHQ.com is an online platform where students and entrepreneurs connect. Students find like-minded individuals from differing faculties on campus for their next projects or join a current project to gain experience in their field. This position is perfect for students who are passionate and/or involved in the entrepreneurship scene on campus, knowledgeable about the different programs and initiatives happening in the community, and most importantly, understand the need for KahootsHQ and what they are trying to achieve. Marketing on campus is left in your hands. You decide how to best roll this out on your campus, but we’re here to help with weekly check-ins and brainstorming. What’s in it for you? – Kahoots Swag – A kick-butt reference – Opportunity to build your network at your university – Access to our contacts over at the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University If you think you want to be part of our team, please email info@KahootsHQ.com! I’d love to hear from you.