New tech startup is ready to shake up the automotive industry

The Optimotive Team
It all starts with an idea. Of course, sometimes the original idea doesn’t always work out but that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the case of one of EPICentre’s newest Founders, Scott Fairley, and his startup Optimotive Technologies. Currently, the company has four members, including Scott. Dilpreet Chana (Chief Technology Officer), Michael Ala (Chief Operating Officer) and Roman Seviaryn (Head Developer) round out the Optimotive team! Scott is also one of the newest members of the RBC EPIC Founders Program but his entrepreneurial journey started when he was just 15-years old. He founded a small, local Social Media Services company for small businesses which he ran throughout high school. Currently, Optimotive is changing the direction of their business and the RBC EPIC Founders Program will give Scott and his team the opportunity to pivot their current business model and determine what type of technology they want to focus on. Originally, Optimotive was building facial recognition technology to automatically customize settings in a vehicle to the driver’s needs. This, however, proved to be very challenging as they would be battling elite companies who have been working on these types of technologies for decades. The initial idea is what got Optimotive started. Scott came up with the idea of using facial recognition technology to allow for a vehicle to automatically program the settings based on the person sitting in in the driver’s seat. This idea began from Scott’s frustration with having to change all of the settings after another family member used the vehicle. For example, adjusting the seat and rear-view mirror is a constant headache for drivers who share a vehicle, something that is becoming more of a norm in North America. It was this frustration that led Scott to forming his team that would eventually become Optimotive and is a perfect example of Scott’s entrepreneurial nature. The company is now focusing on providing innovative research and development for companies in the automotive sector, including researching technology that could be applied to autonomous vehicles. Ultimately, they are planning on following market trends in the industry while creating their own innovation house to develop and implement automotive applications. Stay tuned for updates on Optimotive and for more information, visit their website at: You can also find Optimotive on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: