Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln

The Odette School of Business is proud to introduce a new Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-Business majors. This new minor will provide non-business students with an amazing opportunity to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their major field of study, whether it be engineering, computer science, creative arts, etc., and provide students with the tools to work towards starting an innovative business. The Minor in Entrepreneurship consists of six courses which have been outlined below: 75-100. Introduction to Business This course takes a holistic approach in helping students develop an understanding of their future places, as entry-level managers, in business and other forms of organizations. Functional business learning is undertaken using the lecture method. In parallel, the basic elements of strategic management are introduced in order to develop students’ strategic thinking capabilities. Project work focuses on adapting students’ career strategies to the employment environment, and on adapting companies’ strategies to their competitive environments. Finally, the case method is used to emphasize ethical self-management, group dynamics and organizational governance, and entrepreneurial processes involved in starting and managing a small business. The course demands that students: use their initiative; develop their analytical, decision-making and interpersonal management skills; and take responsibility for achieving success. 75-290. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship This is a survey course designed to introduce students from all faculties to entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option. The entrepreneurial process will be explored through a mix of lectures and case studies. Topics include the identification of profitable business ideas, assessment of business opportunities, entry strategies, marshalling resources, and the start-up process. 75-391. New Venture Formation This course is an in-depth study of the process of drawing the blueprints for a new enterprise including: developing business ideas, developing business concepts, conducting feasibility studies, choosing a legal form or business, writing business plans, identifying and approaching sources of money, raising funds, and putting together a package of resources to start an enterprise. (Instructor Approval Required) 75-491. Special Topics in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship There will be two special topics courses (both 75-491 numbers, but different sections): Technology Entrepreneurship: This course introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship. Students will learn the process technology entrepreneurs use to start companies. Students will work independently on a project related to their own majors, by identifying appropriate technology, finding a related high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, and figuring out how to sell and market the idea in a highly dynamic technological environment. Students are recommended to take the technology entrepreneurship course in conjunction with their major capstone course. Social Entrepreneurship: Students in this course will gain knowledge about social entrepreneurs and how they are creating solutions to address societal problems, learn how to develop creative solutions to address social problems, and empower yourself to see social entrepreneurship as a force for social change. The course will provide valuable tools to prepare you to make an impact on your community. 75-493. Field Study in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship (Lean Startup) Students pursuing the entrepreneurial minor can take this course to finalize the prototype for the business they intend to start. (Instructor Approval Required) For more information on the Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors, please contact: Dr. Jonathan Lee: jlee@uwindsor.ca or Dr. Francine Schlosser: fschloss@uwindsor.ca