Meet the 2017 Fall Founders

EPIC Founders Program

We are excited to announce the start of our 2017 Fall Founders Program. We are working with very innovative businesses and entrepreneurs coming from various faculties on the University of Windsor and St. Clair College campuses, including engineering, computer science, arts & humanities, and others. The program will feature 8 new startups comprised of 16 entrepreneurs, who will be working with our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Maureen Lucas and Dave Kirby over 12 weeks. A showcase of their prototypes will be featured during a Pitch Day on December 1st, 2017 at EPICentre.

Meet the 2017 Fall Founders

Hybridize Your Car (HYC)

Hybridize Your Car is developing a technology to hybridize cars in order to enhance performance and decrease fuel costs for consumers.

  • Aida Mollaeian, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering
  • Eshaan Ghosh, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering

Reminder Liner

Reminder Liner is a smart, customizable liner for backpacks. It helps parents by ensuring their kids bring everything they need to and from school.


  • Alex Gervais, Graphic Design & Web Development
  • Washington Nguyen, Electrical Engineering
  • Terrell John, Business Administration – Marketing

The Art of Belonging (TAB)

The Art of Belonging (TAB) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide newcomer youth with interdisciplinary drama and English as a second language programming, in which their development of becoming active participants in Canadian society is empowered through a sense of belonging and engagement in drama processes.


  • Ashley Baez Abreu, Bachelor of Arts in Drama in Education and Community
  • Arielle Opler, Bachelor of Arts in Drama in Education and Community

SARJAN – Creating with a Difference

SARJAN intends to be at the forefront of enhancing visualization capabilities for medical professionals by providing software solutions as well as 3D-printing solutions to hospitals, dental offices, and medical schools.


  • Kalkin Shelat, Master of Engineering (MEng), Industrial Engineering


SiliconBrane is developing a device which will enable pet owners to track their pets.


  • Kaushik Ray, Master of Applied Science in Engineering (MASc)
  • Charrie Ray, Bachelor of Science, Biology


PepCo. provides scalable additive manufacturing allowing for feasible products on a large scale via an integrated automation system allowing for the autonomous 3D-printing of a plethora of parts.


  • Parker Drouillard, Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
  • Zachary Goyeau, Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Affordable Seawater Desalination

Viraj’s venture is looking to develop technology to produce pure drinking water from sea water using solar energy and recycling of waste material.


  • Viraj Patel, Master of Engineering (MEng)


MedMeals is automating how individuals order meals in hospitals while keeping in mind the dietary restrictions of patients.


  • Carmen Kerim, Mobile Applications Development
  • Simon Lizotte, Mobile Applications Development
  • Liam Goodwin, Mobile Applications Development