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CAMufacturing Solutions
CAMufacturing Solutions specializes in creating custom software to program, simulate and interact with manufacturing systems. Driven by the shifting paradigms of the manufacturing industry, CAMufacturing aims to extend the functionality of various CAD/CAM systems to its customers through innovative solutions. CAMufacturing is currently working with a UWindsor research team from the Mechanical Automotive & Materials Engineering Department on various R&D projects.


H & F Foods
H&F Foods is an online store that provides locally sourced organic meats and produce from Ontario farms, straight to your door. We hand-pick our farmers and ensure that every farm we partner with is antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free. Our current products include 100% grass-fed Dexter beef and federally certified organic lamb. All of our meats can be purchased online as single cuts, pre-packaged boxes or even custom tailored to fit your needs. You can choose to have your order shipped to your door or pick it up at our in-house location. Living and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle is just a few clicks away!


Substrata Thin Film Solutions
Started by a couple of UWindsor recent graduates in Chemistry, Substrata Thin Film Solutions specializes in thin films and coatings solutions for both academic and commercial markets. It offers a full suite of gold- and silver-coated substrates and includes a custom coatings division for thin film prototyping. Substrata is also one of the recipients of UWindsor’s FedDev Scientists and Engineers in Business “Global Start” Fellowship Program in 2013.

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Reticom Solutions
Reticom Solutions is a startup company specialized in development of integrated platform for manufacturers, industries and equipment owners to measure, monitor and manage their assets online around the world making Internet of Things “IoT” happen. With advanced Live Data Transfer technology, Reticom platform enable managers and chief engineers to make tough decisions quickly and with confidence, from anywhere around the world, with real-time understanding of their asset conditions.


Amis is an app-powered, on-demand tour guide service for smart phones. It provides a simple platform for travelers to connect with local friends who know the region and can make the experience for the travelers more enjoyable and convenient. With Amis, a traveler can have a personalized and authentic experience anywhere in the world while building connections.


eigen. Advertisement
eigen. Advertisement is a brand new startup that offers advertising solutions for local businesses. Their sharing economy model allows for any driver on the roads to feature advertisements from local businesses. This model allows for local businesses to advertise at much cheaper rates while drivers benefit by getting paid for featuring the ads on their vehicles.

LodgeSmarter Logo

LodgeSmarter is a company that’s focusing on changing the way travelers book accommodation. At LodgeSmarter our main focus is to create innovative tools and mixing them with marketing techniques to increase our host’s occupancy rates. While working with our hosts we are also able to provide a comfortable lodging experience at a greatly lowered cost to travelers.

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Walk-In Express
Walk-In Express is a suite of software tools that allows primary care physicians to setup and receive online appointments. It reduces wait times for patients and provides doctors with new insights into their practice.

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Ever had an idea, but just didn’t know where to start to create it? Or a solution to a problem but not sure how to implement it? That’s where PepCo steps in. PepCo’s goal is to bridge the gap between ideas and reality, taking products off of paper and getting them into user hands. Rapid prototyping with 3D Printing is evolving the product world as we speak, so contact the experts at PepCo today with any ideas you may have and they’ll be sure to set you up with the best 3D Printing applications possible!

WindsorRent Logo

WindsorRent has a mission to empower tenants and landlords with information regarding data, inspiration, and knowledge in the Windsor Ontario rental community. WindsorRent serves as a marketplace for rental homes, student rentals, room rentals, and apartment rentals. WindsorRent reaches out to landlords, property management companies, real estate investors, and realtors across all platforms. We pride ourself on our user-intuitive design and the easy access of communication for both the renters and the property owners.


JIAYIFTZ is located on the Detroit River, the southernmost tip of Canada. JIAYIFTZ is committed to promoting high-quality Canadian food and beverages in China. As an agent of Pelee Island Winery, JIAYIFTZ also provides wine distribution opportunities to partners in China. In addition to its food and beverage operations, JIAYIFTZ operates an international logistics and courier service and cross-border electronic trade venture. JIAYIFTZ prides itself in providing a platform that provides practical work experience for international students that helps international students acclimate to the Canadian culture, adapt to the Canadian business environment, and also expand their social circle.

Printable Canada Logo

Printable Canada
Printable Canada is a 3D printing and engineering firm that provides a 3D Printing Service, CAD design and post-processing services. We cater to those looking to reduce time and cost from the traditional methods of manufacturing for small to medium production runs. We are looking to gear our services to focus more on medical and humanitarian applications.

Past Incubator Members


Pivotus Consulting Group Logo

Pivotus Consulting Group
Pivotus Consulting Group helps small and medium-sized companies identify and move through periods of change quickly and efficiently, strategically transitioning operations, systems, employees, teams and markets to meet internal, external and global challenges. Pivotus helps companies both anticipate change and rapidly respond to it, creating dynamic, robust enterprises able to compete in the 21st Century.

MLVC tech

MLVC Technologies
MLVC Technologies specializes in roofing material quantity estimations. MLVC Technologies produces custom-tailored reports that are specific to its customer’s roofing material specifications. By implementing 3D modeling software and aerial photography, MLVC Technologies is able to provide accurate and detailed roofing material reports for its customers complete with visual renderings of both existing and proposed properties.


Fine Think Inc
Fine Think Inc. is a software development start-up company. They are building a platform called InQuis for academics to interact with each other. As of right now, they have a mobile tutoring app, available for Android devices. They are launching their closed-beta! Hopefully, it will reach a campus near you!

AFC Logo

KSR/Alternate Fuel Containers
Alternative Fuel Containers, LLC, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of adsorbed natural gas tanks for alternative fuel vehicles and bulk storage applications. Adsorbed natal gas tanks are able to store equivalent amounts of natural gas at 86% lower pressure than compared to the current state of the art compressed natural gas tanks. Adsorbed natural gas enables us to exploit the abundant reservoirs of natural gas in North America by unlocking the potential for conformable natural gas tanks, low cost, timely refuelling and at-home refuelling capabilities.


Biosensive Ear-O-Smart
Ear-O-Smart is introducing a new segment in the wearable electronics market, the first smart earring (patent pending). By combining fashion and electronics, users can monitor their activity level without compromising their looks.

ED Dev logo

ED Dev
EdDev is on a mission to make teachers’ lives easier – they’ve developed an iOS app that allows educators to assess their students’ learning skills in real time throughout the school term. Teachers can snap photos, capture video, jot notes, and record audio from their iOS device. Once the students’ learning skills have been documented, the app offers a suite of features to take their assessments to the next level, including class sharing for team teachers and data backup in the cloud.


Monobit Studio
Monobit Studio is a software development start-up company. They are currently developing an app called Venture. Venture is all about experiencing more. Whether users want to be in better shape, see new sights, or cook new things, Venture will help them get there. Venture is interested in each adventure its users can have on the way. Live life each and every day, enjoy the ride, become a more goal oriented person to achieve new heights. Take on a new Venture today, and every day.


TBT Innovation
The TBT Innovation program is aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don’t know how to get started. The program is available in a step by step interactive guide or as a video based online platform. The company also offers a half-day “Smart Start Bootcamp” where they facilitate an interactive environment which motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to go into the real world and test their idea in front of potential customers.


DTP Tech Solutions
DTP Tech Solutions is a both product and services business. Services and products offered: digital receipts (replacing paper), automated bookkeeping (transaction recording from receipts), purchase tracking (organize purchases by employee or project), storage of receipts (remain compliant with government requirements), custom mobile advertising for retailers, brands mobile application and user interface access cards and hardware (short range communication devices and mediums for point-to-point communication).


RMRD Tech founder and lead researcher Kyle Bassett spent nearly two years living in a remote village in Nicaragua named Venecia. There he was able to learn first hand the challenges people face living without electricity. He developed about eight different wind turbine designs, purpose built for remote communities, and documented his work with youtube videos and research publications. These were all called Venecia wind turbines in honor of the village that inspired the designs

Exemcor Logo

The vision behind Exemcor is to create a hybrid, turn key service bureau combining advanced additive manufacturing technology and materials with legacy manufacturing techniques to provide cost effective and time sensitive product development and optimization solutions to our clients and establish ourselves as the preferred choice.

Gardiloo Logo jpg small

Gardiloo offers an online hub for student services. The company has recently launched the service that enables students to buy, sell and exchange their used textbooks.


ITOS Oncology
ITOS Oncology is a molecular diagnostic startup company specialized in advancing personalized cancer treatment cancer. ITOS Oncology use cutting edge sequencing technology to develop customized oncogene panels to include all known oncogenes that can be targeted by drugs that are currently available or are in development. This technology is also recently approved by FDA for molecular diagnosis. This can significantly reduce unnecessary side effects and may reduce the cost of cancer treatment.


ELLIPTEK is a comprehensive intellectual property and technology commercialization training program geared towards universities and academia, students, the institutional sector, entrepreneurs, start-ups, the corporate private sector, R&D engineers and technical specialists. ELLIPTEK strives to develop an education and training program that will foster the development of technical innovation leaders. Their broad based, high-quality education programs are developed for individuals of all levels of experience, and have been designed to generate excitement and interest in the areas of invention and technology commercialization.


EatDrinX, co-founded by Matt Guignard and Pramod Mendonca, is a mobile application that provides specials, features, menus and events based on the users geolocation for local restaurants and bars. Restaurants can showcase their food and drink offerings to customers and consumers benefit because they can easily find the best deals for food and drink on any given day.

King Strategies Logo

King Strategies
King Strategies is a Sports Management and Promotion Company founded by Eric Wilson. The company platform acts as a public forum for local athletes to actively seek out other local athletes to join in on recreational sports games. Wilson was inspired to form King Strategies due to his love of sports and his aspirations to become his own boss.


The Sexual Assault Resistance Education Centre
The SARE Centre is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Charlene Senn for the purpose of adapting, promoting, and disseminating her evidence-based intervention, the Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act Sexual Assault Resistance Education (EAAA) program, to reduce the sexual violence women experience. Through this process the organization will provide support to others who aim to reduce sexual assault in their educational institutions and communities. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the social movement to eliminate sexual violence by men against women particularly on University and college campuses, but also in our larger communities.

JumpQ jpg

JumpQ is a platform that brings the convenience of online shopping into brick-and-mortar stores by providing customers with order-ahead and mobile self-scanning functionality; therefore enabling customers to skip checkout lines.


ClearVoxel Imaging
ClearVoxel Imaging is bridging the gap between innovation and clinical adoption in medical imaging. We are building a platform which addresses the needs of innovators and the requirements of adopters, to ultimately advance medical imaging to better care.

Oolo Logo

OOLO App is a free rental platform for users to connect with one another and share their sports equipment and adventure gear. You no longer have to let your kayak spend its summer in the shed or pay a fortune on a new tent to use one weekend of the summer. OOLO allows its users to get more out of their adventures for less! The app is launching its beta testing program on September 15th. The beta testing process invites eager users to test the app before the public launch and to submit feedback on where the app functions well and where it can improve. Share more. Waste less. Adventure often.


Pursue Sports
Pursue Sports is an athletic recruitment company that uses numeric ranking system to rate soccer players. The company offers comprehensive athlete profiles through the analysis of data gathered through a process of rigorous testing. The process allows the athletes interested in international playing contracts to be tested close to home, rather than travelling internationally for team tryouts.