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SARJAN Logo SARJAN At Sarjan we are builiding the future of rehabilitative healthcare.We have two platforms as a part of our digital ecosystem: AIRA – Artificial Intelligence based Recovery Assistant With AIRA patients perform their physical therapy at home maximizing engagement and clinical outcomes while ensuring full data accountability. ADDP – Assistive Device Delivery Platform Image Recognition based system which allows clinicians to deliver custom assistive device digitally.
Reminder Liner Logo Reminder Liner Reminder Liner is the world’s first smart device for student’s backpacks that gives parents a fun and easy way to ensure their kids build good habits and pack everything they need.
Cedar Valley Logo Cedar Valley Selections Founded by Ameen Fadel at the age of 16 in Lakeshore, Ontario, Cedar Valley Selections began with the creation of Canada’s FIRST bottled Fattoush Salad Dressing. With a small grant from Ameen’s school board and his mother’s signature recipe, he had all he needed to begin his venture. Partnering with their first retailer in May, 2017, Cedar Valley Selections’ products are now in 25 stores from Windsor-Essex to London, ON.
KegshoeKegshoe is simple, manageable, and affordable keg tracking software for breweries. Kegshoe allows breweries to track brewing, shipping, and delivery actions, analyze keg inventory logistics, and ensure timely pickup of kegs, encouraging loss prevention. Kegshoe keg tracking provides the vital data that breweries need, organized how they need it.
logo-CAMufacturing CAMufacturing Solutions CAMufacturing Solutions specializes in creating custom software to program, simulate and interact with manufacturing systems. Driven by the shifting paradigms of the manufacturing industry, CAMufacturing aims to extend the functionality of various CAD/CAM systems to its customers through innovative solutions. CAMufacturing is currently working with a UWindsor research team from the Mechanical Automotive & Materials Engineering Department on various R&D projects. www.camufacturing.com/
Reticom jpg Reticom Solutions Reticom Solutions is a startup company specialized in development of integrated platform for manufacturers, industries and equipment owners to measure, monitor and manage their assets online around the world making Internet of Things “IoT” happen. With advanced Live Data Transfer technology, Reticom platform enable managers and chief engineers to make tough decisions quickly and with confidence, from anywhere around the world, with real-time understanding of their asset conditions. www.reticom.ca
LodgeSmarter Logo LodgeSmarter LodgeSmarter is a company that’s focusing on changing the way travelers book accommodation. At LodgeSmarter our main focus is to create innovative tools and mixing them with marketing techniques to increase our host’s occupancy rates. While working with our hosts we are also able to provide a comfortable lodging experience at a greatly lowered cost to travelers. https://www.lodgesmarter.com/
PepCo Logo PepCo Ever had an idea, but just didn’t know where to start to create it? Or a solution to a problem but not sure how to implement it? That’s where PepCo steps in. PepCo’s goal is to bridge the gap between ideas and reality, taking products off of paper and getting them into user hands. Rapid prototyping with 3D Printing is evolving the product world as we speak, so contact the experts at PepCo today with any ideas you may have and they’ll be sure to set you up with the best 3D Printing applications possible! Pep Corp.
Printable Canada Logo Printable Canada Printable Canada is a 3D printing and engineering firm that provides a 3D Printing Service, CAD design and post-processing services. We cater to those looking to reduce time and cost from the traditional methods of manufacturing for small to medium production runs. We are looking to gear our services to focus more on medical and humanitarian applications. https://printablecanada.ca/
JIAFIFTZ logo JIAYIFTZ JIAYIFTZ is located on the Detroit River, the southernmost tip of Canada. JIAYIFTZ is committed to promoting high-quality Canadian food and beverages in China. As an agent of Pelee Island Winery, JIAYIFTZ also provides wine distribution opportunities to partners in China. In addition to its food and beverage operations, JIAYIFTZ operates an international logistics and courier service and cross-border electronic trade venture. JIAYIFTZ prides itself in providing a platform that provides practical work experience for international students that helps international students acclimate to the Canadian culture, adapt to the Canadian business environment, and also expand their social circle. https://www.jiayiftz.com/

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