Meet Our Incubators: InLogic Global

The EPICentre prides itself on helping entrepreneurs follow their dreams and our reach has become international now that Yahya Shunnar has joined the team as an EPIC incubator. Yahya is the Director and Co-Founder of InLogic Global, a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs including web development, mobile app development, event management, survey management, award excellence management and so much more. 
Yahya co-founded this company five years ago back in Dubai under the name InLogic. The company gained over 300 clients including some heavy hitters like Samsung, LG and even government organizations. With an educational background in IT, Business Information Technology and a Masters in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Yahya and his team at InLogic were able to provide their clients with fully customized systems.
Recently, InLogic went international when Yahya opened up a branch right here out of the EPICentre offices called InLogic Global. Yahya has become a valuable member of the EPICentre team and we look forward to seeing InLogic Global grow in the Windsor-Essex community.