Meet Our Incubators: Easy Job Board

 Often times, finding employment can be a struggle for new graduates. Although they may have mastered their skillset, the competition can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s where Mike Citron comes in, together with a silent partner who has worked in the recruiting industry for 20 years, they created easy job board, a hyper-localized job search platform that allows potential employees to be found based on their skillset. What sets easy job board apart from other sites like indeed and Linkedin, is employers have the opportunity to implement skill-testing assessments to find the perfect candidate for the position. “A lot of people can just look skilled on a resume and that’s a big problem” said Mike “You could get 100 unqualified people applying for a job and then one or two that are actually qualified”.

 As a Business and Accounting graduate from St.Clair College, Mike is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. Utilizing EPICentre’s programs and services for a previous business model, it was a no-brainer for him to sign up for the EPIC Incubation program while working on easy job board. “I love being around likeminded people starting up businesses” said Mike “I feel like the best part about the EPICentre is you get a lot of knowledge from other people”.

 Easy job board went live with a soft launch earlier this year, members who signed up for the site were able to give feedback to help improve the platform and the user experience. Mike and his team hope to launch the website in January 2020. Keep an eye out for easy job board, in the new year!