Meet our Founders: Lokally

Company Name: Lokally
Founder: Mohammad El-Nassar

EPICentre: Tell us a little more about yourself
My name is Mohammed Elnassar, I am 21 years old third year Human Kinetics student going into my fourth year. My company name is Lokally and it is an online booking system platform that allows small businesses to let their clients book with them online. 

EPICentre: How did you hear about the RBC EPIC Founders Program?
I heard about it through a friend and then I also heard about it again when I was in the Discovery program. What made me apply to it was the opportunity to work full-time on my business instead of working for someone else and trying to work on my business afterwards. It just felt like a good opportunity for me to be a part of. 

EPICentre: What skills do you hope to gain while you’re here?
M: Public speaking, I’m not that great at that and I want to improve it.

EPICentre: Where do you hope to see yourself and your business by the end of the program?
M: Starting up, just initial starting.