Meet our Founders: Lexeme

Names: Han Zhang & Emmanuel Igodan

Company Name: Lexeme

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Han: My name is Han Zhang. I’m a founder of Lexeme backpack & Luggage company. I am a third-year student studying industrial engineering with a minor in business. I am a creative and innovative person. I like technology and anything that is creative.

Emmanuel:  My name is Emmanuel Igodan i am the founder of Lexeme backpack and luggage company. I am studying international relations political science and development studies with a concentration in gender and sociology. I always loved being creative and wanted to create something to solve problems for students.

2. Tell us about your company

Han:  • Because we want to create backpack & luggage to solve people’s problem
•  Product:  technology & functional
•  Persons requiring a high technological backpack
•  Company focus on ages from 18 ~ 50 yrs.

Emmanuel: Lexeme is a high-tech, trackable, excellent backpack that you can take on all your adventures

3. Why do you feel the EPICentre Founders program will be beneficial to growing your company?

• Firstly, we will have our start-up capital
• Secondly, the EPICentre Founders program has professional and experience business
• Thirdly, I can meet more teams that have same motivational peers to work together and to communicate with each other.
• Lastly, there are more resources that we can share and using.

Emmanuel:  We we will meet different people with advanced experience who can help us develop our ideas and turn them into a reality. We believe with their expertise we will be able to learn a lot more and become professional business men.

4. Why do you feel it’s important to have a company like yours in our community?

Han:  Our company is selling technology backpack & Luggage. The traditional backpack and luggage are already existing for a long period. People just change the styles and materials to satisfy customer taste, but that’s not enough even I already tired to see all kinds of bags on the market. Why don’t we try to make technology backpack to solve daily problems and give people a new consciousness that technology backpack is already selling on the market? When people think to buy a backpack, they will realize there is also another type of backpack that they can choose.

Emmanuel:  it is important because as technology advances so do students. We believe backpack and luggages advancement is a must as it also furthers learning from all ages.

5. Where do you hope to see yourself and your company by the end of this program?

Han: I hope we can lunch our company on August 2018.

Emmanuel:  We plan to launch our company and be successful with our vision in motion with a great grasp of our companies identity- we will be successful at the end of the program.