Meet our Founders: Kindness Cafe

Company Name: Kindness Cafe
Founder: Ola Ahmed 

EPICentre: Tell us a little more about yourself
My name is Ola, I’m Egyptian and I came here as an international student to do my master’s in medical biotechnology. I had this idea of recycling food but it I was just an idea I didn’t know how to execute or implement it. So, I came here because they told me that I could come with my idea and Epicentre would provide me with Mentors and that they would help me do that.

EPICentre: How did you hear about the RBC EPIC Founders Program?
I remember I was in the Odette building and there was a table with flyers, I took one and read about it.

EPICentre: What skills do you hope to gain while you’re here?
I already have a business plan and I want to make sure that it’s realistic enough, I want to validate that and be able to run a business.

EPICentre: Where do you hope yo see yourself by the end of the program?
As I said, I want to collect as much statistical information I can to validate if the business is going to be successful by the end of this program, I want to make sure this is realistic enough because when it came to food and recycling there is a lot of ins and outs, and I want to make sure that I’m doing the right thing or taking the right decision.

Click here to watch Ola’s video