Meet our Founders: Skrimp Co.

Company Name: Skrimp Co.
Founder: Zain Mustafa 

EPICentre: Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Zain Mustafa and I study computer science at the University of Windsor. My project is basicallyA platform to help small business owners increase their customer volume using location-based direct marketing.

EPICentre: How did you hear about the RBC EPIC Founders Program?
In my fourth year we had a computer science demo day that happened at the University of Windsor and my project was selected for that. Over there we were approached by an EPICentre representative who told me about them, so I started looking into it and then I applied for the summer Founders program and got in.

EPICentre: What skills do you hope to gain while you’re here?
Z: I want to go through Epicentre and try to get a lot of marketing and how to actually start a business works since I do know about the technical side, but I have no idea how business management works itself, but hopefully I’ll be there by the end of it.

EPICentre: Where do you hope to see yourself by the end of the program? 
Z: I want to be able to have a proper MVP (minimum viable product) done and have a test phase done with the small businesses in the area, so then I can carry on this business forward through the rest of the year.

Click here to watch Zain’s video