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Meet our Fall Founders

The Roy Verstraete Fall Founders Cohort started on September 13th with five new founders beginning work on their startups. Profiles of each new member can be found below.

Colin Matthews
Company: Walk-In Express

 Colin is a second year business/computer science double major at the University of Windsor. He is interested in the EPIC Founders Program because of the unique opportunity it provides students to develop their own business, while providing the funding to make it a reality. Colin is currently working on creating a suite of applications to assist walk-in clinics in managing their patient intake, while also reducing wait times for patients. By the end of the program, he hopes to finish developing his first iteration of the product, and to learn more about entrepreneurship through the various workshops the EPICentre offers.

Joshua Ndolo
Company: Amani

Joshua is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Windsor. He is extremely interested in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and the technology behind them (i.e. blockchain technology). Joshua believes blockchain technology is one of the many new transformative technologies that will shape the future financial services infrastructure. His company, Amani, is a startup that aims to use blockchain technology to manage, track and protect domestic and international trade transactions between SME’s simplifying trade finances.

Website: http://amanibl.com/

Osama Khurshid
Company: Power Lab Systems

Osama Khurshid recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and has a passion for product development and technology. He has a background in software development; working with local businesses and organizations in the past on developing a variety of web and mobile applications. His venture, Power Lab Systems, is developing an extremely compact and lightweight electric-powered scooter for personal transportation.

Cassidy Logsdon
Company: ShareDome

Cassidy Logsdon is an entrepreneur with a passion for making a positive impact in the world. Her company, ShareDome, aims to reduce consumer waste and create a stronger sense of connection within communities. As a part of the sharing economy, this platform will facilitate the peer-to-peer exchange of household items in a way that is convenient and affordable. Need a drill for the day? Someone a block down is renting his for $5!

Matt Andrews
Company: Gryphon Homes

Matt Andrews has been a full-time entrepreneur for the last 5 years. During univesity, he went on to source, sell, and produce over $440,000 worth of residential painting projects, and is currently a licensed mortgage agent.

His startup, Gryphon Homes, is a real estate investing and consulting business that offers investors a low-risk, hands-off invesment that yields high profits for the investor. By specializing in “Lease Options”, Gryphon Homes is able to avoid the major risks and concerns that are common to traditional investing.