Meet Our EPIC Discovery Members

Tells Us About Yourself
Our names are Andrea Swartz and Daniel Dupont, we are both computer science students here at the University of Windsor in our final year. We both have academic backgrounds stretching across biology, electrical engineering, and economics, and independently before we formed as a team determined that software was critical to creating innovative solutions with opportunity for massive growth and the ability to have a large impact. We are focused all of our time to creating full-stack cloud applications that provide useful solutions to large problems.

Can You Tell Us a Little Bit About the Company You’re Working On?
Currently, we are working on a web-based electronic health record system targeted for Ontario to allow patients to access their health information online. We are working on application programming interfaces as well to enable our software to communicate to other electronic health record systems so different health record systems are fully interoperable with ours. We hope to move towards creating a national health record system as quickly as possible. We did secure the largest cash prize at the Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference and created a lot of valuable connections to industry and government.

How Did You Develop This Idea as a Team?
The pain points that drove us to create our system came from our own personal experiences with the health care system. We feel that there are a lot of solutions that can come from digitizing certain aspects of care. We were really inspired by the systems already in place throughout Europe and in nations like Estonia and the possibilities of vastly reducing the administrative costs associated with healthcare and in enabling health care providers to focus on care as opposed to paperwork and data entry. It’s an important and inspiring enough of a problem for us to try to solve even if the odds are not in our favour. In the worst case, we are both well off with interviews at great companies and with many other ideas for creating new companies we can pivot towards.

What Brought You To the EPICentre?
We were looking to use all the resources at our disposal to get our idea off the ground, and to make sure that we were asking the correct questions. It’s really great having an environment of people who are incredibly knowledgeable about business to support and guide you. Opportunities like this were not available to many of the entrepreneurs we look up to, so it only made sense to use this incredible resource to improve our odds of success.

What Are You Hoping to Learn During Your Time at EPICentre?
We hope to learn everything about starting, growing and managing a company. Even more important than that, learning how we can use that knowledge to create useful solutions to large problems that we care about. We are always learning more on how to add value to our software and how to solve pain points from first principles through technology.