Meet Our Changemakers: Kindness Cafe

Name: Ola Ahmed
Faculty: Medical Biotechnology
Company Name: Kindness Café

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself 
I am an international student who recently completed my masters in medical biotechnology and cancer research and I am from Egypt.
When I was living in Egypt I grow up watching my mother cooking a lot of food for our friends and family, I watched her dumping all that food after every meal to make sure that she will cook a new fresh meal every time we want to eat. However, I also used to see people eating food from the garbage around Cairo streets and even when I was young this didn’t’ make sense to me. Why we dump food and why someone that is literally a human, like me is looking for the food in the garbage is there a better way for us to give them this food?? I grow up and I started to be busy with life and I came to Canada to do my masters. I was very lucky to get hired by Starbucks as BARISTA. During my first night shift, I saw my supervisor dumbing all the food displayed and the food in the fridge in the garbage, food that is still wrapped and packaged. I realized right away that this is a problem everywhere. And that was the moment that I decided to do something about it. And this was the beginning of what I called Kindness Café. Where we aim to empower our community through nutrition and compassion
2. Tell us about your company
What we promise to do is to take the surplus and unsold food from restaurants, cafes and farms that other way will go to the garbage and instead we will enhance it and provide it back to the community with care and love. We will offer it to everyone with PAY AS YOU FEEL CONCEPT which means that we don’t have a set of prices on our menu, people will be able to decide the value of the food themselves and if they can’t they are welcome to smile for me or huge me instead and take it for free. Also if we have surplus food we won’t waste it we will be donated to livestock or we can compost it to the soil so were we can have a second generation of food. With that model, we promise you to have a zero-waste in Windsor community and Kindness café is the only one that does that here.
3. Why do you feel the Libro-EPIC Social Enterprise program will be beneficial to growing your company?
This program provides us with mentorship, workshops and grant Having a mentor is really important, will help me stay on track all the time and help me get the right connections. Workshops will teach me more details on how to run my own business. Grants will help me get the kindness café’s food truck. 4. Why do you feel it’s important to have a company like yours in our community? Through my marketing research, I found that there is a huge amount food waste in Windsor community that goes to the landfill and there is still no solution to this problem and Kindness café is promising to solve that problem
5. Where do you hope to see yourself and your company by the end of this program?
By the end of the program, I want to have a yearly calendar for the days and the places that I will do the pop-ups events at. Also having a database with all the volunteers that need to help in transporting the food from the donors to Kindness café. Lastly a list of all the partners that will donate food to kindness café and how and when they will donate their surplus and unsold food.

For more on Kindness Cafe, follow Ola on social media: @kindnesscafewindsor on Instagram, Facebook and twitter