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Libro EPIC Social Impact Initiative

Summer 2018


Social Impact Initiatives at EPICentre

It takes persistence and hard work to make a meaningful difference in the world. Luckily, getting started is easy at EPICentre.

Whether you want to make a difference but don’t know how to get started, or have an idea and need support to make it happen, EPICenter’s Social Impact Initiatives are designed to help you on your journey forward.

Anyone can be a social innovator! Learn about our programs below.

The Libro-Social Innovators Initiative comes in three parts:

  • Libro-EPIC-Pillar Workshop Series

These are workshops are meant to educate individuals in the community who want to learn more about social enterprise fundamentals, measuring social impact, and creating a social enterprise. Upon completion of all 3 workshops, you are qualified to receive a “Introduction to Social Enterprise Certificate of Completion” granted from EPICenter and respective sponsors.

           Libro-EPIC Social Innovation Workshop Series
           Workshop #2: Flourishing Business Model Canvas

  • Libro Social Innovation Pitch Competition

The pitch competition in September 2018 will allow teams and individuals to pitch their social enterprise ideas in front of a panel of judges for the chance to win $8000, physical space/hot desk, and support via programming and mentorship.

  • Libro-EPIC Social Enterprise Program

Winners of the pitch competition will advance to the accelerator program. The program will run through the fall of 2018 to support individuals creating, building, or working to sustain a social enterprise.

To learn more information about when these programs will run and how you can get involved, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.


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