Kahoots launches at the University of Windsor

Meet students and alumni that you don’t know but should, on KahootsHQ.com. Do you want to gain experience in your field while working on something you’re passionate about? Meet students from different faculties and work on something awesome! Kahoots is a networking platform for projects and startups.  Students can browse extracurricular or academic student projects happening right on campus. Projects can be short-term or long-term and you can search based on your interests. Kahoots will help you find like-minded students with the skills you’re seeking. Kahoots is a web application that helps students form collaborative teams on campus to leverage multidisciplinary skillsets for academic and extra curricular projects. The platform is secure and exclusive to a particular university, making it safe and easy for students to connect. Project managers can post a project to the site stating the skill set they are seeking, and matching software will help students find projects that best suit their abilities and interests. Kahoots helps students take advantage of the diverse knowledge and skill on campus. It gives students the reach to find young, talented, and like-minded individuals with the capabilities they need to start a business or project. It simultaneously encourages the student population to get involved and gain real-world experience in their field before entering the workforce. Post your profile and share your expertise with the community. Meet interesting students and make the most of your time at UWindsor. Kahoots has launched at the University of Windsor, join the EPICentre UWindsor community today and sign-up to use Kahoots. http://www.kahootshq.com/communities