Interminus presents ‘Stories of the City 2015’: Call for Submissions

The cities of Windsor and Detroit have been undergoing a significant transformation in the last few years. Yet shedding the familiar stories of the city–those of economic hardship and industrial decline–has been slower to come. The Interminus research collective is organizing a month long exhibition in November 2015 that will focus on new narratives of post-industrial cities and alternative approaches to urban renewal. While the exhibition will begin with the local urban ecologies of Windsor and Detroit, we invite submissions from other cities undergoing similar transitions. We seek stories, art, media or objects that reflect the following themes:
  • maker culture,
  • micro-manufacturing,
  • cottage industries urban imaginaries,
  • urban futures re-purposing things,
  • spaces and places trading cultures cultural scenes nighttime in the city transit
Submissions of proposed work or objects to be displayed will be accepted in digital format only. Please include the following information in your proposal:
  • up to five digital images (jpeg) or 3 min of video
  • short description of work (1 – 2 paragraphs) and its relationship to one of the proposed themes
  • dimensions and any technical requirements for display
  • bio
  • contact info
Send proposals or questions to: Deadline: October 15, 2015. All applicants will be notified by Nov. 1st, 2015