Special Topics in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship: Cross Border

This course provides real world, hands-on learning on what it’s like to actually start a scalable company or how to grow an enterprise. This is a practical class, not a theory class where you have to dig into the market and find out what really is going on. Our consulting class is housed in the EPICentre whose purpose is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the Windsor-Detroit regional economy. The mandate of the class is to complete projects related to: campus entrepreneurship development, TechTown Detroit and Windsor-Detroit projects (various paid and pro bono). The course has the following objectives:
  • To provide an active field based learning experience for students with an interest in starting their own business, small business, market research, and consulting
  • To promote and aid entrepreneurship on campus
  • To provide a source of community outreach that will align the activities of the academic and practical business community in Windsor-Detroit
  • To provide needed business services to small businesses, family-owned businesses, start-up businesses and other organizations in the Windsor-Detroit Region
  • To build connections with other organizations focusing on business development in Windsor-Essex and Michigan
  • To improve presentation skills including: creative story-telling, script construction (“Leader’s Script”), verbal communications, and stage movement and presence
Students who are interested in taking this course please contact Professor Jim Marsh at jmarsh@uwindsor.ca.