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from-bio-to-business Fall 2016 As part of EPICentre’s mandate , this international multidisciplinary graduate course is comprised of students from diverse disciplines (this year: Business, Law and Nursing faculties) and aims to provide students with practical business experiences they can draw from after graduation. A faculty member from each discipline involved in this course will act as an advisor for all students and will create a unique marking scheme for students in their discipline. Each year, UWindsor students will participate in an international collaboration with students at Oxford Brookes University in England; UWindsor students will be acting as consultants and Oxford Brookes students will be acting as clients. The overall goal of this collaboration is to utilize technology as a primary means for consulting between the two student groups to provide students with international, real-time experiences that cannot be simulated in the classroom. The topic of collaboration may vary year to year. This year, Oxford Brookes biomedical students have, in groups, developed innovative, theoretical technologies they believe could disrupt the medical market. UWindsor students will learn how to consult with international clients effectively, develop and manage business models using the Lean Startup method, and have the opportunity to travel to England to meet their clients in person. Legal protection of intellectual property will also be examined and strategized, along with an in depth analysis of the relevance of these technologies in the nursing industry and how they can be implemented into a practical care setting. Throughout the course, students will be preparing multiple blogs reflecting on their course experiences. Visit the “From Bio to Business” blog at https://frombiotobusiness.wordpress.com/. If you are interested in participating in a future course or have any questions, please contact Dr. Francine Schlosser, Executive Director EPICentre, at fschloss@uwindsor.ca. Media:

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