Concentration in Strategy and Entrepreneurship


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

Strategy and Entrepreneurship is concerned with the management of the entire organization, its resources and its performance from start up to maturity and turnaround. Managing strategically is the key to an organization’s survival and success, requiring the capacity to think critically about the pressing issues of today and the possibilities over the horizon. Our aim is to equip you with an irreplaceable ability to support value creation and preservation in every stage of an organization’s life. The following required courses will assist you in obtaining the necessary knowledge and practice to help you move towards a greater understanding of strategy and entrepreneurship:
  • 75-100 Introduction to Business
  • 75-290 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • 75-390 Entrepreneurial Resource Management
  • 75-391 New Venture Formation
  • 75-490 Strategy in the Global Business Environment
  • 71-445 Organization Design
Specialized Courses As a concentration, we bring together strategy, entrepreneurship, and international business, placing us at the centre of a multi-disciplinary understanding of how organizations emerge, evolve and compete. The following specialized courses will provide you with the opportunity to develop the ability to examine and take action on the most critical issues affecting organizations today. Further, the courses will help you to examine all aspects of independent enterprise, working in multi-disciplinary teams, engaging the businesses and communities around you. There will be ample opportunities to practice, take action and gain international experience through these specialized courses. 75-493 Field Study in Entrepreneurship – Lean Startup* Student teams will experience their own venture startup, from ideation to search to customer discovery and validation, wrapping up in April with a minimum viable product/prototype. 75-495 Independent Study in Strategic Management* In this course, a student will approach a professor and make arrangements for course supervision as they choose their own adventure in strategy and entrepreneurship research or application. 75-496 Enterprise Developing Consulting* Students will complete projects related to: EPICentre campus entrepreneurship development projects, lean startup coaching and business modeling for clients, feasibility and business plans for campus scientists and inventors, and Windsor-Essex businesses. 75-491 Special Topics – Business Agreements* This seminar course provides students with learning experiences at the intersection of law and business. Business agreements are used as case studies for class discussions held after experiential learning activities to develop critical thinking skills. 75-491 Special Topics – Cross-Border Consulting* Small teams of business students will work on customized consulting projects with Detroit-based businesses and social ventures in Windsor. This course also complements the Odette Enactus Club leadership activities. Notes:
  • Where an area permits, a student may be able to substitute a Special Topics Course (7x-491) for one of the courses in the concentration (excluding the gate-in and capstone courses) with the approval of the Area Chair.
  • Instructor approval is required for courses marked by “*”. Your selection must include one of these courses (75-493, 75-495 and 75-496).
  • Students must maintain a 70% average to achieve this concentration.
For more information on the Stragegy and Entrepreneurship Concentration, please contact Dr. Jonathan Lee ( or Ms. May Nhan (