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EPICentre provides support for University of Windsor and St. Clair College students and alumni in their efforts to start and grow new ventures. We connect students and faculty with businesses and other partners to encourage development of new technologies, products and services.

If you or your organization would like to get involved with local startups, EPICentre is the place to be! Here are some of the ways in which you can get involved:

(1) Sponsor a Founder

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a founder of a new innovative startup, EPICentre has plenty of opportunities to do so. Currently, there are 24 startups using the space and we are always looking for members of the community to sponsor students or alumni with the next big idea.

(2) Industry Partners for Sponsorship / Hiring Talent

Are you or your organization looking to hire talent? EPICentre can connect you with the right students for your organization and also provide the student with office space and resources.

(3) Innovation Hot Spot

Looking for new and innovative ideas for your organization? EPICentre’s incubation space is a hot spot for innovation and creativity and can assist with all of your research and development needs. We can provide a number of valuable resources to encourage the research and development process including student interns.

(4) Extend a location 

If you are an existing organization and looking to expand, EPICentre can provide you with the space and resources to grow your business.

(5) Soft Landing

If you are looking to expand your business into the Windsor-Essex and/or Michigan region, EPICentre provides an ideal location. EPICentre’s cross border initiatives can help existing organizations enter the US market by providing space and resources for a soft landing.

(6) Mentoring

EPICentre is always looking for individuals in the community to assist with mentoring our existing and future start-ups in areas such as accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, legal, etc. EPICentre Mentors are often introduced as the sole reason student startups succeed.

(7) Investment Opportunities

Venture capitalists and angel investors are always welcome at EPICentre to provide potential funding opportunities for our local startups.

(8) Sponsor a Program or Scholarship

EPICentre provides opportunities to develop a program or scholarship for future startups through the University of Windsor’s Awards & Fundraising Office. The RBC Founder’s Program is one example and has had tremendous success with over 35 applications submitted for the latest round. We are always looking for sponsors who wish to partner up with EPICentre to create more amazing resources for students and alumni interested in starting an innovative venture.

If you or your organization is interested in getting involved, please contact Dr. Francine Schlosser at fschloss@uwindsor.ca or Wen Teoh at wteoh@uwindsor.ca to get involved today!