Formula SAE Business Student Recruiting

Formula SAE Business Student Recruiting

The Formula SAE team is looking for a business student to join their team for the 2018 season!

Formula SAE is a student design project, where students design, construct, test, and complete a small formula style race car. The team attends different events to compete against other universities from around North America. In 2017, the team competed in Barrie, ON and Pittsburgh, PA. These competitions include an autocross event (timed laps), a technical inspection to ensure the vehicle meets proper safety requirements, a design presentation, a business case (a presentation explaining the vehicle’s budget, and what makes our vehicle competitive in terms of cost of construction), etc.

Specific tasks performed by this student would include:

  • Approving purchase requisitions
  • Contacting potential sponsors for funding/in kind work
  • Helping to organize fundraisers
  • Keeping track of the team’s finances/budget
  • Aiding in presenting business cases at team competitions

This project can serve as great real world experience for business students, working as part of a team in business related aspects, as well as working with other disciplines to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks as one would in a job scenario.

All students are welcome, but a 3rd or 4th-year student would be preferred.

For students who are interested, please have them contact for more information.