Fall 2015 Consulting Courses

STUDENT ENTREPRENEURIAL CONSULTING: Two entrepreneurial consulting classes were offered during the Fall 2015 semester. A total of nineteen consulting students and three student project manager employees were responsible for a wide variety of client projects. CLASS PHOTO FALL 2015 496[1] copy   The students in the course entitled Enterprise Development Consulting, under the direction of Dr. Francine Schlosser, paired off to provide research reports to the Office of Research Services at the University. Research Services is responsible for developing faculty inventions into commercial ventures, and the consulting students provide them with consulting work on the steps taken along the way to that end. The students were also involved in developing a strategy for an on-line and on-the-ground business, as well as writing a case study on the Volkswagen calamity, which will be entered into a competition. IMG_0960 The course entitled Special Topics in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship: Cross Border Consulting, under the direction of Professor Jim Marsh, offered the students a diverse range of projects to challenge them this semester.  Social media strategies, start-up funding strategies, plans to develop a rehab clinic and a record store – these are just some of the projects the class tackled this term. As well, research conducted in partnership with the TechTown business incubator at Wayne State University, provided the students with the opportunity to understand and assist with the grass-roots initiatives being undertaken to rebuild Detroit communities. And that isn’t all…these students also continued to develop and administer the Enactus community projects such as YouThrive, CookStart, Windsor Soup, and more. To be accepted into these two consulting courses, students must meet a minimum average requirement and go through an interview process with the professor. Consequently, the students who perform this consulting work are among our best, and provide professionally researched and prepared reports for their clients.