Faculty Fellows Profile: Dr. Jill Urbanic

EPICentre Faculty Fellows Program
3durbanicscan Dr. Jill Urbanic is a University of Windsor professor in the Faculty of Engineering where she teaches courses such as Manufacturing Process Design, Advanced Manufacturing and the Capstone Design course for Industrial and Mechanical Engineers. She became involved with EPICentre through the Faculty Fellows Program and through collaboration efforts with Dr. Francine Schlosser from the Odette School of Business. Ultimately, Dr. Urbanic and Dr. Schlosser teamed up through the Capstone course where business students and engineering students work together on innovative projects. Dr. Urbanic believes that synergy between business students and engineering students is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to commercializing innovative ideas. “How to create and what to create are two very different things which is why we need to establish synergy and collaboration between various faculties and the University is a great place to make that happen” said Dr. Urbanic regarding how different disciplines can intersect. Dr. Urbanic is currently involved with one of EPICentre’s startups, CAMufactuirng Solutions, a company that specializes in creating custom software to program, simulate and interact with manufacturing systems. She assisted in developing a practical framework using the lean startup approach to develop software so the company can provide complete customizable solutions for each unique customer. She is also heavily focused on the research side of the business. Dr. Urbanic is also involved in other projects in 3D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Robotics.

The EPICentre Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows Program was created to foster and celebrate inter-disciplinary collaboration around creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is open to all full-time UWindsor faculty members, including those from all disciplines and academic areas on the campus. We seek academic entrepreneurs or faculty interested in integrating an entrepreneurial mindset and related concepts, tools, and frameworks into their home discipline; particularly into their research, teaching, or outreach activities. For more information, please visit: http://www.epicentreuwindsor.ca/faculty-fellows-program/