Faculty Fellows Profile: Dr. Brent Lee

EPICentre Faculty Fellows Program
Dr. Brent LeeDr. Brent Lee is a professor of integrated media at the school of Creative Arts. He teaches mostly courses focused in sound and time-based art forms. He has been at the University since 2002 and started as a composer, writing orchestra and classical musicals. Over the last ten years, Dr. Lee has been creating multimedia platform work that involves videos and advanced computer interactive activities. Dr. Lee is currently a member of the Faculty Fellows program at EPICentre and has been a member since 2015, when he was invited by EPICentre’s director, Dr. Francine Schlosser. Dr. Schlosser first met Brent when she heard of his interest in launching a new media label and was interested in hiring students for the project. Dr. Lee was invited to make a proposal for a project focused on creating sound objects. These are either sound samples or small bits of software that plug into existing music packages. Exploring the business side of this project, it turned out that there was a strong market for these products and Dr. Lee is working on developing this further. Currently, Dr. Lee employs 5-10 students and other professors through his project, the Noiseborder Ensemble, to conduct research in various capacities. The Noiseborder Ensemble is an innovative program located on campus in the performance lab in Lambton Tower, where the team conducts research into multimedia. Another project Dr. Lee is working on is with respect to art instillation. Currently, Dr. Lee is developing an apparatus with Collin Novak (an engineering professor at the University of Windsor) that allows glass to project sound. They are working on developing a prototype that would allow the rear window of a vehicle to operate as a speaker, replacing the typical car audio speakers. For more information, please visit the following sites: Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab: http://www.uwindsor.ca/visualarts_nmpl/ Noiseborder Ensemble: www.noiseborderensemble.com Dr. Lee’s Personal Website: www.homstal.com

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