Nuts ‘N Bolts; The Basics of Starting a Business


At some point, the thought ‘I’d like to start my own business’ has crossed the minds of many people. But it can seem so daunting to actually get started! There are so many questions that need answers. What do I register for? Do I need a business plan? Should I incorporate my business? Who can help me get started? Join us for a quick 1-hour informative session where we will be discussing the basics of starting a business in Ontario.

What we’ll cover

We will compare and contrast the three basic business structures within Canada: sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. In addition, we will touch on the requirements for obtaining a business number, such as HST registration, payroll deductions and imports/exports. We will discuss municipal licenses and permits, how to fund your business, what expenses you need to keep track of and which programs are best used for accounting! Lastly, we will be addressing the main question… where do I start?


We have 3 main goals we hope you gain from this workshop:

1. Learn the basics of starting a business in Ontario.

2. Become familiar with all the places within Windsor-Essex that provide free services to help your business!

3. Finally answer the question, where should I start?

Materials Needed

It is highly recommended you bring a note pad and pen to take lots of notes!


This workshop is meant for anyone looking to start a business! This event is free and open to any student, recent graduate or community member!

Skill Level



Cathy Mombourquette, EPIC Genesis Program Manager 






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  • When: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Venue: EPIC Genesis Entrepreneurship Centre, Room SC128. St Clair College Main Campus

    Where: 2000 Talbot Road West, Windsor Ontario N9A 6S4

    Cost: Free