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EPICentre helps connect 4th year Electrical and Computer Engineering students with industry partners

EPICentre is working with Dr. Kemal Tepe and Dr. Mohammed Khalid from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department to connect their 4th year students with industry partners. In their final year, students in the ECE program are required to take part in capstone projects to demonstrate their ability to design something in their field of study. Working with industry partners will provide students with practical learning experience. This is also a great way for students to connect with the industry in our community, and to better prepare them to work in the industry upon graduation.

On Friday, January 13th, EPICentre hosted a meet and greet networking event at EPIC Innovation for students to meet with industry partners. Although only half of the sixty-six students were looking for projects, many of them were excited to have the opportunity to meet representatives from Brave Control Solutions, CenterLine, Enwin Utilities, and Proto Manufacturing. These local companies were thrilled to mentor our students, and to have the opportunity to screen for potential employees. Once project proposals are finalized, students and their industry partners will be working together for the next eight months.