RBC EPIC Founders Program

RBC EPIC Founder's Program

RBC EPIC Founders Program is an intensive 12-week summer accelerator program for students and recent graduates aspiring to launch a business. Participants will receive a stipend of up to $6,000 per venture team to test out their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Program Covers

• Designing, testing, and evaluating your value proposition

• Developing your Business Model Canvas

• Conducting customer discovery and market research

• Team building

• Subject matter expert speakers


RBC EPIC Founders follows the Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup approach, a step-by-step business development method created by serial entrepreneurs Alex Osterwalder, Eric Ries, and Steve Blank. Enrolled teams will be given extensive assignments in preparation for workshops and speaker series. Teams will also be directed to get out of the building and into the real world to talk to potential customers about their hypothesis. The program will be augmented with guest speakers, subject matter experts, and mentors as teams attempt to validate their value proposition and business models. The program will culminate on the Pitch Day, giving participants the opportunity to pitch their idea and prototype to a panel of judges and potential investors for a chance to win additional cash prizes.

Eligibility Requirements

• Student or recent graduate of any post-secondary institution (graduation post-2011)

• Business must be based in Windsor-Essex

• Must have a feasible (validated) business idea, at the beta and/or pre-revenue stage

• Not working full-time elsewhere

• Must dedicate 35 hrs/week on business

• Must be available 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday from May 7th until July 27th, 2018 (excluding holidays), and occasional nights and weekends

• Must be eligible to work in Canada

Past Participants

A number of teams that have graduated from RBC EPIC Founders are actively working to move their business ideas forward. Learn more about these teams here.

Application Process

Round 1: Formal Application

Applications are now closed until April 1st, 2019

Round 2: Idea Pitch

Successful candidates will be asked to pitch their idea and prototype in front of a panel of judges.

For More Information Please contact Sydney Thompson: Thomps22@uwindsor.ca

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