Enactus Windsor places 3rd at the Enactus Nationals Exposition 2015

The Enactus Nationals Exposition is a presentation based competition where Enactus teams from all over Canada come together to present on community empowerment projects. Along with the competition, the event provides students with the opportunity to connect with business leaders from today’s market. This year students had the opportunity to meet the co-founder of FirstEnergy Capital Corp., W. Brett Wilson, who is also a Dragon on the famous Canadian television show Dragons’s Den. Ricardo Martin, VP marketing for Unilever Canada was also present with words of encouragement for the competing teams. Unilever in collaboration with Enactus Canada and other leading employers in Canada such as RBC and TD, held a career fair for students. In addition to the numerous activities available such as skill development workshops, the main focus of the exposition was the presentation competition. Enactus Windsor presented along with other teams from Canada. Enactus Windsor primarily focused on its two new projects, Project Releaf and CookStart Inc. for the national presentation: Project Releaf is Enactus Windsor’s daring attempt to solve the global water crisis, through entrepreneurial action. The project’s main focus is to provide the villagers of Marite with clean drinking water. Marite is a small village located in the Bushbuckridge municipality of South Africa, that due to a large number of political and economic factors lacks access to clean water. Rather than supplying the villagers with water filters, the project focuses on providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to produce their own filters. Furthermore, keeping in sync with the entrepreneurial spirit of Enactus, the project allows the villagers to sell these filters to the nearby communities. This leads to job creation and provides villagers with additional income, eliminating the cycle of poverty in Marite. CookStart Inc. is a social enterprise that addresses unemployment among immigrants by creating new food businesses. The initiative has two divisions: CookStart Consulting and CookStart Soup. CookStart Consulting empowers immigrants to improve their livelihood through entrepreneurial action. Through one-on-one mentorship, CookStart teaches them the essential skills needed to start a business. This includes development of marketing skills, financial skills, the creation of a business plan, etc. Participants are provided with access to an industrial kitchen and a professional chef to help develop their products. The participants have the opportunity to share their recipes with the community through interactive cooking classes. CookStart Consulting has empowered 12 immigrants to start their own business, generating over $95,000 in revenue. CookStart Soup is designed to help immigrant women who might not have a product idea or the finances needed to open a business. The program currently has 2 employees that work to create and sell dry soup mixes, Moroccan Heat and Mediterranean Breeze. With each mix selling for $6, CookStart Soup has generated $10,000 in revenue and $6,000 in profit in just 2 months. The Soup mixes are now available in 12 local stores. Enactus Windsor placed 3rd among 67 universities across Canada. The first place team, the University of Ottawa will be representing Canada at the Enactus World Cup in South Africa. Enactus is an international organization in 36 countries across 1700 universities. The national exposition is one of the largest entrepreneurial events in Canada and gives students the opportunity to network with other Enactus teams as well as business leaders from across Canada. Congratulations to Enactus Windsor on their accomplishments! To keep up to date on this and other projects, follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/enactuswindsor.