EPIC Discovery Program

EPIC Discovery Membership Program

EPIC Discovery Program

The EPIC Discovery Program is meant for students and recent alumni looking to explore their entrepreneurial ideas. Maybe you have an idea for a new product or service, or something really innovative and unique. This program offers a wide variety of benefits – but most of all, it offers a chance for you to jump into something completely different and non-traditional. The most important skills you will gain in this program are the techniques to validate business ideas; which is a skill you can transfer into your next idea or even your future career.

Benefits of the Discovery Program

1. Mentorship

One of the main benefits of this program is getting a chance to receive one-on-one mentorship from successful leaders who have started their own business. They will provide you with great insight on how to get started, who to connect with, and how to align your strategic goals with what you want to accomplish.

“The Discovery program’s focus is to help students from any faculty to further validate an idea through mentorship, research and defining the problem. It’s meant to help you come away with the fundamental knowledge on what the process is to develop the idea and build it to fruition in order to succeed.”
– David Kirby, EPICentre Mentor

“I love being involved with the students in the EPICentre Discovery program because they are so full of wonderful ideas and many of them are focused on bettering society. It is seldom that their entrepreneurial ideas are solely about making money and I love helping them to understand that they can do good things and have a successful business as well.”
– Maureen Lucas, EPICentre Mentor

More information about our EPIC mentors can be found here.

2. Workshops & Events

EPICentre hosts regular scheduled events for Discovery Members including:
  • Workshops on how to conduct market research, conduct primary and secondary research, and how to effectively record and filter your research data;
  • Networking events;
  • Round table discussions; and
  • Weekly meetups.

3. Access to our co-working space

Once you become a member at EPICentre, you will have access to a “hot desk” – an on-demand workstation. You can use any of our designated hot desks during our regular business hours to work on your projects and business ideas.

4. Completion Certificate

Once you complete the Discovery Program, eligible candidates will receive a Discovery Program certificate.

5. Co-Curricular Record

If you’re a current student at the University of Windsor, you are eligible to receive a co-curricular record which helps to:

  • Complement your resume and academic transcript with a documented list of experiences, validated by a UWindsor faculty/staff member;
  • Showcase your skill development and leadership roles;
  • Show your progression and participation in co-curricular activities throughout your UWindsor experience; and
  • Encourage reflection on experiences and assist with the articulation of related learning.
Learn more about Co-Curricular Records here

6. Up to One Year to Develop your Business Model

The objective of the Discovery Program is to complete all of your milestones and to build a working business model by validating your idea. We understand that school is a priority for students, so we allow you to explore and work on your idea at EPICentre for up to one year.

It should be noted: this program is very flexible and catered to each participant’s needs.

Getting Started

Intake for the EPIC Discovery Program is bi-weekly. Before entering the program, participants must attend an introductory session at EPICentre. This 1-hour session will help to give a better understanding of:
  • Core benefits and features to Discovery Members; and
  • Other EPICentre Programs and Services.
Please email EPICDiscovery@uwindsor.ca for the intro session schedule


Q. Does it cost anything to join the program?
A. Nope! This program is completely free for all current students and recent alumni from the University of Windsor, St. Clair College or any other post-secondary institution in Canada.

Q. Is EPICentre only for business students?
A. We serve all disciplines– not only business majors – from any post-secondary institution.

Q. Does EPICentre take any equity or royalties of my company if I use their services?
A. EPICentre does not take any equity or royalties of any kind.

Q. I am not a University of Windsor student, can I still apply?
A. Yes! We serve any current student or recent alumni from any post-secondary in Canada.

Q. Who can I contact for questions?
A. For all general inquiries, please email EPICDiscovery@uwindsor.ca