Business Admin student focusing on quality in the Windsor rental market with new platform

House of Rent
Imagine viewing a rental property online and, after going to see the property, it completely didn’t live up to your expectations. Most of us have probably gone through this process at one stage or another and it can be a completely frustrating process. Clarke Gallie, a 3rd-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, is working on a new platform that should make finding a rental home a lot easier for tenants while also providing landlords with an easier way of screening tenants and marketing their properties. Clarke started his entrepreneurial journey when he was just 15-years old. Throughout high school, Clarke started selling household items on Kijiji and, eventually, started purchasing items which he would then resell for a profit. He started making extra cash from this and, from that, he was introduced to a stock trading club. He began investing in stocks and learned a lot about financial markets in the process, including how the financial district operated and the economics behind trading securities. Eventually, Clarke stumbled across a franchise opportunity with College Pro during his off time in the summer. He began running his own College Pro franchise which focuses on house painting and window cleaning services and Clarke did over $30,000 in window cleaning sales. Clarke was one of the top 5 rookie franchisees for all of Ontario and, through this opportunity, he met his current partner for WindsorRent, Colin Hart. They met at a College Pro event and started discussing ideas revolving around the real estate market. Clarke and Colin were both getting involved in the real estate market and they began having discussions with landlords to create a network but they realized they were also going to have to offer a service to these individuals. Clarke landed a job for a landlord as a leasing agent, where he would market the property and screen tenants for the landlord. This piqued his interest further and he realized there was a solid opportunity to assist both landlords and tenants. Clarke and Colin are now in the process of developing their WindsorRent web-based platform that would focus on quality over quantity, something that is non-existent in today’s rental market. The goal is to pair good tenants with good landlords/properties with everyone benefitting in the end. WindsorRent plans on working directly with both landlords and tenants in order to mitigate the risks that often arise between landlord and tenant. They also plan on providing information with respect to landlord/tenant legal issues, including templates of lease agreements that can be tailored to the needs of each party. Clarke and Colin have already launched their website ( and are currently working with landlords to increase the amount of quality rental properties on their site. A landlord will be able to create their own account and market their property through the WindsorRent platform. There is also an approval process with respect to these properties in order to ensure quality so potential tenants won’t be wasting their time. WindsorRent will also act as a leasing agent for landlords who choose this option. They would then work with the landlord to market the property, verify the unit and track responses they are getting from their website (such as the number of views, inquiries, etc). Landlords will also benefit further because they will get a vetted tenant in the property. On the other side of things, if we consider most rental websites, they seem to focus solely on quantity rather than quality. On the WindsorRent platform however, potential tenants will be able to get matched with the property they want, there is less searching and wasted time viewing properties that don’t meet the tenant’s expectations and less frustration dealing with landlords that are only concerned with a rent cheque. Any potential tenant can view the properties through the platform but the real value for landlords will come from matching quality tenants who have already been vetted by the company. WindsorRent plans on keeping a rolling database of quality tenants that can then be matched with landlords who are looking to rent out their property. Ultimately, Clarke and Colin want to simplify the rental market for landlords and tenants. They want to empower tenants and landlords with information regarding the Windsor rental community to make smart and informed decisions while providing a marketplace which is dedicated to helping landlords and tenants easily find what they are looking for. Stay tuned for updates on WindsorRent and, for more information, visit their website: You can also find WindsorRent on Facebook: