Blue Sky Launch Party

By: Dalyn Hebert

On February 6th, the EPICentre hosted their 5th annual EPIC Blue Sky Competition and it was an outstanding success! The event found 30 students from 5 different faculties coming together to learn about mobility, create teams and of course, eat some pizza. The event kicked off with Dr. Jain detailing the history of the annual competition and the meaning behind it, which is to improve the world through entrepreneurship by getting different faculties to collaborate in order to improve, innovate or invent a product or service.

The students learned about the future of mobility and the problems that come with it, learning from live examples and a presentation that utilized techniques beneficial to auditory and visual learners. Students left the presentation feeling motivated and informed about the competition as they were able to learn all the important details about the competition such as judging criteria, tools they can use to create videos and the important dates and next steps to take. After the presentation, the focus of the event shifted from an information session to a networking event. Which saw students from different faculties coming together to complete a challenge fostering an atmosphere of problem solving and collaboration. The Blue Sky Launch Party ended with meaningful connections being made and an energized room full of students and empty boxes of pizza!