Biotechnology Entrepreneurship (BE) Workshop Series 2016

Growing Biotech Entrepreneurship
Growing BE (Biotechnology Entrepreneurship) is a workshop event hosted by the Masters of Medical Biotechnology Program and EPICentre taking place on Friday February 26th, 2016 in the Katzmann Lounge (Vanier Hall) at the University of Windsor.

Morning Workshop – Lead to Succeed

This Leadership Workshop is geared towards Science students that hope to become leaders in their fields – be it research or business based. The first step to building a strong Biotechnology Entrepreneurship industry is to build a capable workforce. This workshop will inform participants about the qualities of a leader, enable them to embody these qualities, and guide them to their career goals by providing key strategies to establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

Afternoon Workshop – Simply Pitching

A perfect pitch is concise, engaging, and well-articulated and is the key to securing an award or grant, job, or investment. The steps to create and tailor a pitch for a variety of applications including: job interviews, research proposals, and investor acquisition will be presented and practised in this workshop. This workshop is geared towards Science students preparing to enter the workforce or to defend their research but the workshops are open to anyone who is interested. There will also be prizes awarded to participants with the best pitches:
  • 1st Place: $250
  • 2nd Place: $200
  • 3rd Place: $150
  • 4th, 5th, 6th Place: $100 each
The event is free for students and $10 for non-students. Please visit our Events page to register and for additional information: