An Epic Journey to Canada Part VI: An Undiscovered Path

Have you ever felt like you’re on the right path but not at the same time?

This is something I’ve experienced over the course of my internship–I’ve been going back and forth trying to find what’s next for me when I go back to Mexico.

The very first time I went abroad, the return point was crucial for me to be here today. I received a scholarship by the Universidad de Guadalajara to be in Virginia for a month at The VCU Globe, a building for international students. That was a breaking point in my life. I discovered a boundaryless world awaiting to be taken. And I don’t mean by ME, nor MEXICANS, but by YOUTH.

When I returned to Mexico, I first started getting involved with entrepreneurship and, even though I was way too young and inexperienced to actually do anything on my own, I started to get more involved with platforms for entrepreneurship that have allowed me to grow exponentially within the past few years. While it is known that you’ll never be completely ready for it, I felt I really needed to work on myself before anything else. I needed to drive myself to a point of capability and readiness to then be able to provide something of value to society.

I’ve met a lot of people that live their lives pretending to be social entrepreneurs, making a business with people instead of for the people. For me, entrepreneurship isn’t just a trend, it’s the opportunity to find new business and ventures to help people, improve their quality of life and get along with capable and passionate people working towards goals that go beyond themselves.

In the meantime, I’ve learned that there is no need to be an inventor, a genius nor wealthy to provide something of value. By being here, I have been inspired by the hard and passionate work of student entrepreneurs. I want to feel this passion in whatever I do and that’s what I will be pursuing.

I really enjoyed being part of the preparation of the Founders for their final Pitch Day. I gained a unique insight into what it’s like to start a business from scratch. I witnessed all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to prepare and I couldn’t feel prouder of the students I worked with. I’m often the first in leaving when I’m part of an international program and, this time, I had to let them go first, and not just them, to the other Mitacs interns and some other friends in general. I have to confess that even though making new friendships is one of the best things ever, it is still challenging, even with a teammate, coworker, employee or even a couple. You find yourself investing a lot in various aspects with no guarantees that it will work or that you’ll see these people again. It can be heartbreaking to have to let anyone go.

I was writing about this when I found an image that helped me to realize that this is just part of life, investing and taking risks with people. Some individuals will supply us with great memories while others will come and go but leave us with an important message or learning experience.

The above quote really spoke to me. It helped me realize that life goes on no matter what, for the Founders, for the startups and even for me. I’m getting closer to my departure date and I’m at a point where I’m more than willing to risk, invest and leave a piece of my heart and soul in everything I do.

I want to thank you for taking a risk on me, thank you for making this summer a great one, full of good memories and tons of personal growth. I want to thank the EPICentre and all of the EPIC people I met there. I learned a lot from every single person I was on this adventure with.

I would love to write one more time for you when settled in Mexico. I would love to share how it is the end of a journey and more specifically, how everything converges into a part of a bigger journey. Amazing projects await me back home in Mexico and I will surely apply everything I’ve learned here. It’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Right now, I find myself in a comfort zone here in Windsor, and for me, that’s an indicator that it’s time to go back home and prepare for the next adventure.