A Passion for Fashion

Tamarinn Murray, a 4th year Communications, Media & Film student at the University of Windsor, is taking her passion for fashion and turning it into a community-based platform where other fashion lovers can interact and share content. Tamarinn originally started out her studies in Criminology/Sociology but eventually decided to switch to something more artistic and ended up in media and film. This change has allowed her to express herself in creative ways. She is also heavily involved with the Windsor Fashion Club as a Media Director. A friend of her roomate eventually informed her about the RBC EPIC Founders program and Tamarinn decided that this was the perfect way to turn her passion and ideas into a legitimate business venture. She was inspired by this and wanted to do something for herself rather than simply work for someone else over the summer. Originally, Tamarinn was aspiring to help artists in the Windsor-Essex region, giving them an opportunity for self-expression and provide them with exposure but she has since pivoted her idea and is now focusing on the fashion industry, given her passion for beauty, clothing and fashion trends. Tamarinn has spent her time over the course of the summer working on her new platform, Lit Fashion, an online service that provides a community for fashion lovers. Ultimately, the platform will provide an online hub/meeting ground where stylists, personal shoppers, designers, and consumers can go. She is currently working on an iOS app that will bring together the local and national community of fashion lovers. “Everyone is unique with their personal style, so I wanted to create something that can connect these individuals and celebrate individuality,” said Tamarinn about her new venture. One main feature of the platform will allow users to create their own closet that will give them the ability to create different looks that can then be shared. Users will also be able to identify with a specific style category such a grunge, hipster, bohemian, country, etc. The user will then receive tailored content based on their style preference. Users will also receive trendy items of the week that will include the most popular items from the app and provide details about where users can find the items and how much they cost. Further, users will have an additional search feature that will allow them to connect with people in their geographical area, including the ability to see local boutique fashion shops in their region. For example, if an individual was looking for vintage shops in the Windsor-Essex area that focus on a specific style, they would be able to locate these boutique shops through the app. Even people who are simply looking for a new look can use the platform to determine what they might like best. Lit Fashion will also feature a rating system where users can rate and comment on specific looks and trends. Ultimately, Lit Fashion wants individuals and trendsetters to showcase their own fashion statement. The platform is meant to be a positive place for people to celebrate expression through fashion and style. Tamarinn is currently in the development stage with beta testing to begin within the next 3 months. For more updates on Tamarinn’s entrepreneurial journey, keep checking back for updates or head over to their webite here: www.litfashion.ca