4 start-ups in our Mentorship Program for the Winter 2015 term

WINDSOR, ON – EPICentre is excited to introduce the 4 start-up companies participating in the Mentorship Program during the Winter 2015 semester: MLVC Technologies – Matt Lapain, Vincent Colussi MLVC tech About: MLVC Technologies specializes in roofing material quantity estimations. MLVC Technologies produces custom-tailored reports that are specific to its customer’s roofing material specifications. By implementing 3D modeling software and aerial photography, MLVC Technologies is able to provide accurate and detailed roofing material reports for its customers complete with visual renderings of both existing and proposed properties. Vincent J. Colussi: B.A.Sc Vincent Colussi is a LaSalle, Ontario native who graduated from Sandwich Secondary School with honours during all four years. Vincent has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Windsor, and graduated in August, 2014. He is currently a candidate of the MBA program at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, expecting to graduate in December of 2015. With 6 years of military experience in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve, Vincent is currently positioned as a gunner in an armoured reconnaissance trade. Vincent has also worked as a student engineer for Exkor Manufacturing, and has co-owned MLVC Technologies since 2013. Combining his Civil engineering degree with his prospected MBA, Vincent aims to continue to help grow and operate MLVC Technologies into an even larger and more capable company. Matthew D. Lapain: MEngT, MfgT, B.A.Sc Matthew Lapain is presently working on his masters in the crash worthiness of Aluminum Foam at the University of Windsor, expecting to complete late 2016. Matthew has a degree in Mechanical Engineering with automotive option from the University of Windsor. With two advanced diplomas from St Clair College in Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automotive Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology, both completed in August 2010. With over 15+ years experience in managerial positions and engineering tasked work, Matthew thinks strategically and tactically to fuel growth and the bottom line. Having worked as a student engineer for both Union Gas Limited and Enviroshake Inc., and co-owed Phoenix Landscaping, Matthew has proven himself as a problem solver and strategic planner. With a strong business acumen and a deep understanding of technology, Matthew is also the co-owner of MLVC Technologies Inc.   Motorbuddi – Marius Ion, Austin Kennedy Marius Ion Kennedy About: Motorbuddi is a Windsor based automotive technology startup.  The Motorbuddi device connects to modern vehicles and integrates with a user’s smart phone to facilitate scheduled maintenance and general vehicle management.  The company is currently comprised of partners Marius Ion and Austin Kennedy, who are working to develop, market and ultimately sell the Motorbuddi product in today’s auto-accessory marketplace.  The Motorbuddi will change the way we take care of our cars, empowering the average car-owner to prolong the life of their vehicle and save on costly repairs.   Design by Glineco – Natalia Glinsky, 4th yr student GLINECO Natalia Glinski About: On a personal level, I am very passionate about nature and enjoy pursuing a variety of outdoor hobbies. Creating art, however, is something that I feel I must do, with a goal to express my love for nature within my work. These combined passions have further broadened my interest for business, and sparked an idea to pursue the art/design category of business. As an artist, I am inspired to create functional and high quality product designs for interior space. My current product prototype consists of clean-cut, wooden, frames made out of individual pieces of tree cores, which are arranged into original patterns and supported on a wooden base. Freshly fallen tree branches are collected, cut into slices, and arranged into patterns that create a distinctive element. Just like our fingerprints, every tree core will always be different with age and character. The frame is built from collected natural elements all combined into a decorative and functional piece of art: an eco-friendly alternative to making interior space complementary. The frames are also used as console table tops, once an epoxy liquid gloss is sealed over the entire frame. Additionally, table legs will always be stainless steel, and future changes involve replacing the wooden frame edges with stainless steal as well, to give the product a sleek, industrialized, look as an interior furnishing. My ultimate goal for this business is to bring real elements of nature (tree cores) into urban living, where they can serve as a reminder for preserving nature’s raw beauty, and promote environmental awareness. Product Samples: DSC00104  DSC00098       Biosensive Technologies Inc. – Ravinder Saini, Ache Knight 10841328_10152829977735907_707633605_n   1461163_10153613784395640_3884649231_n
Our company is Biosensive Technologies Inc. We make wearable electronics; our first product is Ear-O-Smart.  Ear-o-smart is introducing a new segment in the wearable electronics market, the first smart earring. By combining fashion and electronics, you can now easily monitor your activity level without compromising on looks. Ear-o-smart connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and allows you to monitor a wide range of fitness data such as heart rate, calories, and activity level. We believe that wearable electronics should be embedded into the products we use in our everyday lives; for that reason, we created Ear-o-Smart.